How to save on prescription drugs without harm to health: a little known way

If you ever came home from the pharmacy that your prescription pills look different than you’re used to, you’re not alone, says Reader’s Digest.

Как экономить на лекарствах по рецепту без вреда для здоровья: малоизвестный способ

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It can be commonplace: for example, size, shape or colour of medications can vary. To understand why this is happening and what it could mean for you, it is important to know about the different types of prescription drugs. These include brand pharmaceuticals, generic drugs (generics) and the third, less known type of medication called an authorized generic.

Branded products or authorized generics

The medication, sold under the trademark — it’s the drugs sold by the pharmaceutical company under a particular name or a brand, protected by patent. The manufacturer is responsible for a number of important steps, including an extensive study to assess the safety of medicines to make sure that the drug has the desired action. Brand-name drugs are reviewed and approved for use by Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA). Advertising of such drugs can often be seen on television or in magazines.

Generics provide the same clinical effect as the branded version. They usually are made by company that is not the manufacturer of the product with the brand name. All generic medications must meet quality standards and production FDA, and FDA believes that they have the same safety and efficacy as the drug, sold under the trademark. But the size, shape and color are often different from branded drug. In addition, generics can have minor differences in the composition of inactive ingredients. Inactive ingredients are usually harmless substances that do not affect the body, such as dyes, preservatives and fragrances. However, in some cases, changes in inactive ingredients may be poorly tolerated. Generic versions are available at a lower price than a brand medicine.

What distinguishes authorized generics from other generics? First produced by the manufacturer of the original branded drug. They do not use the brand name on the label, but have the same size and form as the branded version, and may have other markings, or in some cases a different color. Authorized generics are manufactured under the same standards as the drug under the brand name, because they are usually made in the same plant that brand.

It is important to note that the authorized version is available at the price of the generic. However, to see how much you will pay for the drug, you will need to check the price in your pharmacy or individual insurance plan because there are many factors that affect the payment of your medications, including copayments, insurance premiums and discount cards.

“Many people may not know about authorized generics, and they don’t know how to access them, says Justin Alderfer, Director of medical Affairs at Pfizer. And, although not all drugs have the authorized version of generic, for many it is. In addition, pharmacies often can I request a specific generic request. Patients should talk with their doctors about the most appropriate option for them”.

Authorized generic for your medication

To see whether your medications are in the form of authorized generics, please visit the FDA website where you can find the list of such drugs.

Despite the fact that many do not know about the existence of authorized generics, they are not new. In the USA there are companies, years of manufacturing authorized generics and original American and European drugs, receiving materials for their products from a global network of suppliers. Different only brand name under which the drug reaches the market, and lower price.

To find a pharmacy

The next time you’re going to get a prescription, think about how to talk with your pharmacist or to conduct an independent online search and find out is there an authorized generic for your medication. You can then check whether this version in stock at the pharmacy or to know whether it is possible to order it.

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