How to sit behind the wheel to not lose health

To avoid problems with your back, legs and veins, it is important to learn how to sit in a car. Four of the Council.

Как правильно сидеть за рулём, чтобы не потерять здоровье

Correct landing at the wheel of the vehicle is important for several reasons. First, you have quite a long time to be in the same position. First, stiffening muscles, and then a sore back, swim posture. Second, the correct driving position improves visibility and, thanks to the comfortable, relaxed body position, to more effectively respond to the changing situation on the road. And it can help you save not only health but also life.

It is clear that the space of the small car is different from the cockpit of a powerful truck or a car business class. Therefore, we offer you to remember the universal rules of correct landing at the wheel.

Tip # 1. Seat height position backrest and distance to the dashboard should provide maximum visibility and easy access to the levers and the pedals. The headrest must support the head, not allowing her to lean back and not push forward.

Tip # 2. You need to sit in the middle seat. In other body positions are possible hotbeds of tension and stiffness.

Tip # 3. To relieve back, make sure that the area from the loins to the shoulder blades in contact with the seat back.

Tip # 4. Adjusting the seat position and fit, pay attention to feet and hands. They should be placed freely, without of tension. Sure that they were relaxed. If there is voltage, it is better to stop, shake hands and stretch your legs.