How to slow down aging: 7 factors that inhibit the shortening of telomeres

The time of occurrence of aging and lifespan is determined by the length of telomeres, sections at the ends of chromosomes. Some factors may accelerate their decline, while others, conversely, inhibit this process.

Как замедлить старение: 7 факторов, которые тормозят сокращение теломер

We are born with a certain telomere length, which shortens lifetime. Newborn infants telomere length of approximately 10 000 base pairs, 40-year-old person it is already less than one third, from 60-year-old is only half that of what it was at birth. The magnitude of the telomere, studies show, can indicate overall mortality and the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer.

Which can dramatically shorten the telomeres. Nobel laureate, molecular biologist Liz Blackburn found that the process of telomere shortening can be paused. On it, in particular, may be affected by lifestyle changes. To cut a long aging, should avoid the main enemies of the telomere. They are: inflammation, oxidative stress, insulin resistance.

In addition to these factors psyche also plays a very important role in the rapid shortening of telomeres. Stress, fears and, above all, traumatic childhood experiences may affect the value of the telomere. It is known, for example, that people who had to endure a lot of traumatic events in childhood, have relatively shorter telomeres than people whose childhood was more prosperous.

7 factors that inhibit the shortening of telomeres. According to experts, everyone can do their telomeres and to ensure a long life without diseases. The following measures have proven their positive impact on telomeres in numerous studies:

Quit Smoking and avoid passive Smoking.
The fact that Smoking makes old and sick, you know. One reason for this — the link between Smoking and early wear and tear of telomeres. Science says that Smoking is the most significant factor shortening of the telomere with the negative consequences of this process for each cell.

Reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Constant mental pressure and, above all, depression is significantly shorter telomeres in addition to Smoking. Experts recommend to seek professional help of psychologists and psychiatrists, and to learn breathing exercises and other techniques that help to relax and relieve tension.

To support physical activity. It is known that under the influence of some factors (environmental pollution, Smoking) the body produces free radicals, which cause oxidative stress, can damage cells and shorten telomeres. Physical activity and sport, studies show, are very effective measure for reducing oxidative stress and reduced telomere length. It is recommended to engage in aerobic activity three times a week for 45 minutes, especially useful will be slow Jogging, Cycling or swimming.

To sleep.
According to available data, sleep more than 7 hours is associated with long telomeres and the shorter the sleep duration, the shorter the telomeres become. To have a good sleep, the researchers suggest not to contact late at night with the lights and especially the blue light emanating from the screens of gadgets.

To prevent excess belly fat. Studies show that fat around the waist and abdomen is associated with more rapid aging. Belly fat increases risk of metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance, which is a precursor of type 2 diabetes. With the development of diabetes is associated and the process of telomere shortening.

To eat normally. According to scientists, one should try to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables to get the of them are antioxidants – substances with anti-inflammatory action. Especially good in this respect, blueberries, apples, broccoli, tomatoes, and onions.

Also extremely useful omega-3 fatty acids contained in fatty sea fish and in nuts, vegetable oils. Studies show that the higher the level of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood, the slower telomeres shorten over many years.

Several small studies have shown a positive impact on the state of the telomere and coffee.

Maintain social contacts. Feeling unity and harmony with other people is very important for long life expectancy, scientists say. In particular, it was found that longer telomeres are different people who have good, warm relations with its neighbors. Experts advise to think about it before you start another conflict with those who live in the neighborhood.