How to stay young and keep a clear mind to old age, told the experts


Scientists from South Florida (USA) explained the impact of mental training on the brain. To confirm the use of exercise, the experts analyzed the results of 10 years of research, which was attended by more than 2.8 thousand volunteers.

Как продлить молодость и сохранить ясность разума до старости, рассказали специалисты

All the participants had to perform a specially selected exercises for the development of memory and incentive processing. The results of the study showed: the majority of people performing the task were able to avoid Alzheimer’s in old age. Academic staff claim that their study provided the opportunity to confirm the theory that frequent workout is the main organ of the Central nervous system help to prolong his youth and to keep a clear mind to old age.

Brain training is a very important and necessary activity. As scholars have noted, this body reaches its peak of development only to the age of 60, although previously it was thought that brain activity is reduced in these people. Brain activity depends on the quality of connections between neurons. To support and strengthen these ties are encouraged to engage in active intellectual activity. Experts recommend the use of original, but effective exercises, allowing you to save your brain “in shape”.

To prevent the loss of memory and deterioration of mind you can try to clean the teeth of your non-dominating hand. This leads to a rapid expansion in the regions of the cortex that control and process tactile information provided by hand.

Another interesting exercise: take a shower with your eyes closed. Due to this, through the hands, you notice the texture of the body that are difficult to see and send back to the brain the appropriate information. Experts suggest to turn familiar things upside down, literally. When a person looks at things in such an uncommon way, the right brain starts to work better, interpreting color, shape and ratio of the “country” picture.

Exercises of this kind will improve cognitive abilities, improve and restore brain function, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. For training don’t have much time, the main thing — “to work” on on as often as possible.