How to stop stress-eating, was told by the nutritionist

Stress at work, the rapid pace of life misunderstanding with homemade and experience is able to unsettle and lead to food breakdown. Rucabado she reaches for a piece of cake or chocolate when I feel sick at heart. How to get rid of bad habits “put out” negative emotions with junk food told in Instagram nutritionist Helen Cullen.

Как прекратить заедать стресс, рассказала диетолог

Modern life is inseparable from stress. Most girls are accustomed to stress-eating chocolate, high-calorie and fatty foods. As a result, the stress passes, and the extra pounds remain.

It is difficult to immediately abandon the seizure, but you can learn to do it right. Here are step by step instructions.

  • If you are stressed and want to eat it, think about whether your condition is so heavy that you couldn’t take a single minute to not start there? Do you have the opportunity to be patient? If Yes, how many? Maybe 10 min, maybe 20?
  • In the time that you took, do some physical activity: exercise, dancing, cleaning, moving – this will help to defuse the emotional intensity. You may want to cry or scream, let yourself this.
  • Your task is to learn to Express emotions rather than suppress them. It is important that these actions lasted at least the time that you yourself took.