How to survive air travel: tips doctor

For many flights, this is something that happens 2 times a year, for others — a weekly routine. But both of them useful to know how to minimize the damage to the body, because every flight is an increased risk of venous thrombosis, dehydration, digestive issues, etc.

Как пережить авиаперелет: советы врача

Elena Gusarova, dermatologist and endocrinologist tells how to make the flight the least stressful for the body.

Fight against dehydration

The plane is very dry air, due to which you may feel dryness of the eyes and skin. So take natural eye drops by type “a clean tear,” drink 200-250 ml of water every hour. And in no case do not apply on face makeup, but it is important to apply a good moisturizer and lip balm.

Motion sickness

Some in the planes of pursuing “sea-sickness” or nausea. To combat this, choose a place in the beginning or middle of the cabin, and look out the window


On an empty stomach can not fly, but also to get involved in greasy, heavy food is not worth it. Ideal snack before the flight will be lean meat or fish with vegetables. Also suitable buckwheat.


When you change the height of many ears — this is normal. Partially this can help special earplugs, and if there is not, then yawn, make a few swallowing movements.


During the flight, increases the risk of venous thrombosis, so people with a predisposition should take an aspirin a few days before the flight. People with varicose veins it is advisable to fly in a compression garment.