How to swallow gum to cause volvulus

Chewing gum not swallow. This expression is familiar to all from childhood.

Сколько нужно проглотить жвачек, чтобы вызвать заворот кишок

American doctors say that the gastrointestinal tract of humans strong enough to digest chewing gum. Gum should be the digestive system as well as any product.

However, at the stage of the small intestine, it is not “absorbed”, as it consists of elements not required by the body. The remains, frankly, useless product, leaving the body in a natural way, that is, during visits to the toilet. In the same way from person goes, for example, the rind of the fruit, which is also not digested.

A certain amount of time for which the gum will not exist, since the mobility of the digestive system are all different, doctors note.

So if you accidentally swallow gum, nothing bad will happen. But you need to remember that this product has zero nutritional value and the body does not need it.

Doctors, however, cases of obstruction of the esophagus in children who ate a lot of gum. So, in a few cases, large lumps of sticky chewing gum covered the opening of the rectum. The surgeons had to remove the mass under General anesthesia. Have another baby in the esophagus found a few coins, cobbled together with gum.

Symptoms of intestinal obstruction — abdominal pain, constipation. In this case you should immediately go to the doctor.