How to translate the workflow in the figure: experience with “Kyivstar” with the service Star.Docs

With the beginning of the pandemic and all-out transition to remote work, many companies caught on and began feverishly to implement electronic document management.


Although the move to digital was long before these events — as did the company “Kyivstar”.


Kyivstar was among the first Ukrainian companies that started to implement the electronic data interchange (EDI). It all started back in 2004 with the transition to a system of internal DOCFLOW Megapolis.DocNet. The next step was the transfer to “digital” relationships with contractors.

“The law on electronic document adopted in 2003, — says Vitaly Ivanyuk, a leading consultant on development projects and programs, “Kyivstar”, — but then the legislation was not yet perfect, and the company was in no hurry to implement it. The story of the SFS, when in 2016, the government in the form of an ultimatum ordered the business to convert into electronic format all tax invoices and financial statements, gave a good impetus to development. Then we had the opportunity to begin a gradual implementation of EDI in the B2B sector. Hundreds of thousands of accounts-acts are formed in Kyivstar monthly. Before they were printed, so this segment of the document we transferred in electronic format in the first place”.

Star.Docs from Kyivstar. Sunrise

Shortly reflect on the translation into electronic format of the rest of documentation: contracts, orders and requests. Began a long process of studying different systems of document management, meetings with vendors, presentations, a study of commercial proposals. In the end the choice fell on an existing partner Kyivstar developer solutions EDO Intecracy Deals.

The choice was due to several reasons:

• simple integration with other systems of the company;

• attractive commercial proposal.

• high level of security.

The integration of all

If we consider the workflow process as a whole, it resembles the water cycle in nature. In whatever state the water is: liquid, gaseous or solid, it remains water. The same history with documents. All the way through from creation in the internal system of the company, send to the counterparty, receipt of the signed copy and store it in an electronic archive — the document should be a document. Resolve internal and external document management and other enterprise system needs to work in conjunction, to have almost seamless integration.

“EDI is Megapolis.DocNet and Deals developed on the platform UnityBase, — said Vitaly Ivanyuk. — Kyivstar had already implemented other automation systems that are now needed between “make friends”. For example, the document is generated in our internal CRM-Helpdesk, then you need to upload to another system. This can be done either in manual mode or by using the open API. It is necessary to configure the system integration. We had a task — to make the process of export-import documents from system to system was smooth and seamless. At Intecracy platform UnityBase provides a BPM module that allows integration between a system vnutrennego and external workflows and add to them others depending on needs.”

An offer difficult to refuse

The second reason why the choice was made in favor of the Deals — the attractiveness of commercial conditions.

“We are working on a partnership model, continues Vitaly. — As a result of such cooperation received the product, established on the basis of platform Deals and supplemented with the new functionality according to our requirements. Partner quickly developed for Kyivstar separate module for receiving requests from clients, and added the possibility of differentiation of access to the system to different groups of users of one client, for example, different departments of one company that needs to work only with documents and not see others. We like that the Deals Star.Docs are very clear and easy logic of work with documents. Now these systems are very well implemented functionality of transactions, document retention, and access control. Why we recommend Star.Docs business-clients “Kyivstar”. Especially now, when the remote operation of companies came to the fore”.


There was a third reason why the choice was made in favor of the Deals is security. For this system one month given for testing the “white hackers”.

“One of the conditions of cooperation with “Kyivstar” was to conduct a penetration test, — says Oleksandr Vernygora, SEO Intecracy Deals. Is testing software for vulnerabilities. The security service of “Kyivstar” has ordered us to conduct the test prior to launch. We engaged a specialized company ISSP, one of the largest in the Ukrainian market. The tests were conducted during the month. The first of these showed that, overall, the system is safe to hack it’s not possible, but you need to update some frameworks that could become vulnerabilities in the future. We have eliminated these disadvantages and the final test showed that the solution is reliable and indestructible.”

Only after reviewing the test results, the security service of Kyivstar approved the launch of the project.

Mobility and convenience

In partnership with Intecracy Deals was also developed a mobile version of Star.Docs from “Kyivstar”. Versions available for both Android and for iOS. This is especially convenient for those who signs and approves documents with Mobile ID from “Kyivstar”, when cap (qualified electronic signature) is stored on a secure SIM card of the mobile phone.

Как перевести документооборот в цифру: опыт «Киевстар» с сервисом Star.Docs

In order for 24/7 to be able to work with documents previously, you had to carry a USB flash drive, card reader and connect them somehow to the device. The digital signature on the SIM card is much easier and more affordable. That is, since the Mobile ID and Star.Docs all that is needed to operate a smartphone and desire. In the mobile app implements a simplified version of the system Star.Docs, but it can be used to sign and agree the documents literally on the go from anywhere.


According to Vitaly Ivanyuk, Kyivstar regularly receives feedback from its customers and takes into account the experience of the company, as user Star.Docs.

“Constantly coming up with new ideas for improving the product. Plus our partner Intecracy Deals — also is in development add-ons.. I’m Sure that this direction will quickly develop. We started work at the Star.Docs c business-clients “Kyivstar”. And now and the direction retail has transferred 95% of its contractors on electronic document management,” says Ivanyuk.

Technical support

As for technical support, for the first line meets the “Kyivstar”. On the landing page of the product there is a chat in which users can get answers to their questions. In addition, support is available in call-center. If the question is not simple and requires a detailed study, it is recorded and sent to second line support to technical specialists of Kyivstar. In some cases connecting specialists from Intecracy Deals and the employees of call centre of mobile operator switch the customer at support service partner.


To provide yourself the opportunity to work in an office where you are in the moment is reality. Now the Kyivstar customers can get the entire package from one source:

• Mobile ID. Qualified electronic signature;

• Star.Docs. System external electronic document;

• A smartphone app.

Now you can conduct business anytime, from anywhere, managing their time, staff, and capabilities — your office wherever you.