How to treat a cold home?

In winter, a huge number of people suffer from colds. Even a person who has strong immunity, it may get sick. To cure the disease and at home. For this you need to follow some simple guidelines.

Как правильно лечить простуду дома?

First, the person who is sick should stay in bed. The less he performs the physical actions, the more power remains in the body to fight with harmful virus. And this means that to get better I get faster.

Secondly, you need to drink fluids. But it should not be too hot. Otherwise, you can even more harm the sore throat. As a drink utilize fruit drinks, fruit drinks, infusions. If there is no appetite, it is not necessary to eat through force. After illness appetite will be restored.

Thirdly, to combat the virus you can use garlic. He very quickly deal with the infection. If for medical reasons to eat garlic can not, then its just chop and put in a saucer next to a sick person. Fourth, the need to ventilate the room. This will contribute to the improvement of health.

Fifth, the current will be periodic rinsing of the mouth and nose. If cold symptoms persist, you should consult a doctor. Self-treatment should help in the short term, but prolonged symptoms may indicate that the person is something more serious than common colds. It is possible that without professional help there is not enough.Previously , that cold water can be dangerous to human health.