How to use 2 eggs for complete disappearance of pain in the knees and to “repair” joints

Как использовать 2 яйца для полного исчезновения боли в колени и «ремонта» суставов

The knee is one of the most important joints in our skeleton. Thanks to this thigh bone, muscle fibula and patella remain together and can slide to create different movements such as running, walking, sitting, and many of the movements we make in everyday life.

Wear on the knees can cause various inconveniences. The most common are pain and inflammation, but it can also lead to loss of mobility. Hence the importance of their early treatment. If we do this, we can avoid the worst and perhaps even irreparable damage to the joint.

Knee pain: Eliminate it forever using natural recipe
If you want to eliminate knee pain without using more drugs, you will not be able to stop reading this article.

Because of how this is useful, very often there is a failure of the joint. Especially elderly people may experience this wear. Fortunately, there are ingredients that nature provides to help us to relieve the pain in my knees without drugs and with only two eggs.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that this part of the body supports 80% of our body weight. Therefore, the wear of the knee is not uncommon. Other factors that could significantly affect the wear of the joint, are: excessive weight, injury, overuse, arthritis or injury.

Then we show you how to quickly and easily get rid of knee pain with a powerful natural remedies.

Eliminating knee pain

To prepare this remedy you will need:
— egg yolk
two teaspoons of salt
— elastic bandage

Method of preparation:
Beat the yolk, and then add salt and mix well.

Method of use:

— Dip cotton wool in the mixture and place it on a sore knee, use elastic bandage to secure the cotton.

— Leave the cotton for two hours on his knee, and then you can delete it.

— Use these compresses at least 4 times during the day.

How does it work:
Salt has a high magnesium content. Absorption through the skin helps to reduce the inflammation that leads to pain relief.

On the other hand, the egg yolk has a high content of proteins and minerals that are able to penetrate into our skin and strengthen tissues, ligaments and bones of the region.

Another useful way to ease the pain in the knees is the placement of the ice pack. You can apply ice to the affected knee 4 or 5 times a day.

In addition, you can gently massage the knee with mustard essential oil. Mustard is a spice that has proven effective in improving circulation. By enhancing blood circulation in the area the ice will help to ease the inflammation and therefore the pain will disappear.