How to use contact lenses

British experts from the Center for control and prevention of diseases told how to use contact lenses to avoid health problems. One of the measures is the refusal to sleep with them. The material is relevant content published edition of Express.

Caring for contact lenses properly is the key to reducing the risk of getting bacteria in the eyes, which minimizes the likelihood of infections. To the right habits include: before using the appliances for the correction of vision thorough hand-washing with soap and water, then drying them with a clean cloth to sleep in them is not recommended, unless the recommendations of the treating specialist, it is important to avoid taking a shower in these devices, keeping water away from them.

Rinse contact lenses should only be cleaned with disinfectant solutions, neither of which water or saliva cannot be and speeches, warned ophthalmologists. Equally important to dispose of them according to the instructions for use, the same applies to housing which is treated with the proper remedy, and often is changed at least once in three months. It is important to use only fresh solution, without diluting it with the previously used.