How to visit dozens of national parks in the USA for $80

Annual pass to the national parks make your next vacation much more interesting and accessible. About its benefits and secrets says Travel and Leisure.

Как посетить десятки национальных парков США за $80

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From the Everglades in Florida to mount Rainier in Washington in the United States, you can explore hundreds of national parks. Of course, there are many places where you are free to relax in the fresh air, but entrance to some of the best national parks you have to pay. Fortunately, you can reduce these costs and to fully experience the natural beauty of the country, using the annual pass called “America the Beautiful”.

If you recently attended one or two national parks, you may have noticed that the entrance fee is palpable. Some parks are planning to increase the fee in 2020.

Given this, the national Park Service launched the sale of the America the Beautiful Pass – the pass expires 12 months from the date of purchase and costs $ 80.

Annual pass to national parks is free for active military and their dependents, and for persons with disabilities.

You just need to pick up one at the entrance to the Park or buy online in advance. Up to 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of passes go to maintenance and improvement of the Park.

Please note that guests under the age of 16 always have free access to Federal recreation areas. It is important to keep your passport in a safe place because lost or stolen passes cannot be replaced.

The benefits of the annual pass

If you already have an America the Beautiful pass, make sure you make full use of its advantages. For example, did you know that your key can hold two people? The two owners are not married or connected. Prefer to ride a bike through the Park? You and three of your friends can enter on one pass. One pass also allows you to enter two motorcycles together. Whatever your preference, the entrance fee to the national Park should not be a deterrent. Remember that the pass does not cover additional fees that may be part of your visit, for example, booking fee camping.

Where can you use a annual pass?

Annual passes for the national vapors are not accepted in the state parks. However, you will have many opportunities to use your pass in 419 places included in the national Park system. In addition to the 61 national parks, there are 87 national monuments. I hope to visit the first national monument, Devils Tower in northeastern Wyoming? The entrance fee in the amount of $ 25 covers your pass. How about the Cabrillo national monument in southern California, dedicated to the first European arrival on the West coast? Visit the popular tidal pools there, without worrying about input Board $ 20.

And you definitely don’t want to forget the many stunning national recreational areas. Take, for example, Glen Canyon in Arizona and Utah — for each vehicle will be charged $ 30, but with your new pass you can get free access to lake Powell and more than a million acres of surrounding lands in Glen Canyon. Finally, there are many National historic sites, where a pass, for example, the house of Theodore Roosevelt on the hill Sagamore in long island, new York. Fee for the tour is cancelled for owners of passes.

As you can see, the decal can be a very good investment. If you like active rest or just a history buff, go there and experience the beauty of America at a great price.