How to withdraw excess fluid from the body

How to cope with the swelling, said the expert Elena Malikova. This will only work if they are not the result of a serious disease.

Как вывести лишнюю жидкость из организма

One way to quickly “to be beautiful” — to arrange a fasting day. For this approach, including oatmeal, yogurt or cottage cheese.

Hercules to pour for two hours the hot water but not boiling water. During the day you can eat a maximum of 400 grams of cereals in the dry form. If cottage cheese, 400 grams. And 1.5 liters of yogurt low fat. One of the three options, says the medic.

Note that the great excess liquid is removed fasting days on cucumbers or nemalenkoy buckwheat. But we must remember that this is a pretty extreme method, people with health problem it will not work.

Physical exercise is good to help the jumping rope, running, Cycling.

And, of course, a well-known way to “lose” — visit bath or sauna. But only if you have no cardiovascular disease. You can’t bathe and people with high blood pressure.

If under the eyes appeared bags, which are not, and the shoes stopped fitting on my feet is a serious reason to consult a nephrologist. Puffiness and bags under the eyes – the main visible symptom of kidney disease in which the urine is derived from the body protein.