How to write the perfect resume: expert advice

There is no universal template for a summary that would guarantee a positive outcome of the interview. But there is one important message that should illustrate each summary: “So I have improved the situation in the previous company”. This writes CNBC.

Как составить идеальное резюме: советы эксперта

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The expert, who for 20 years was a member of the hiring told the secrets of how to make the summary as clear as possible and convincing.

1. Summary of professional intermediate level

Mid-level professionals typically have extensive management experience guiding teams or departments. Because they have the experience from seven to 15 years, their resume may be longer than one page.

Basic tips:

  • Make the first partition professional is a quick way to briefly Express your core competencies.
  • Highlight relevant skills. Use strong keywords and phrases such as “strategic planning”, “management costs” and “financial planning and analysis”.
  • Describe your recent work more fully. Professional experience is a major part of each summary, and information about your last (or current) position should be about 75% of this section.
  • Include descriptions of the company. Adding significant details on the organization will save the hiring Manager from having to look for it.
  • If your marketing plan contributed to the sales increase of 35%, write about it clearly. No need to explain how it was done; the hiring Manager will ask for more information during the interview.
  • Emphasize specific accomplishments. Limit your functions to only two or four most important points. In short, you can allocate more space to your most proud and significant achievements. This is a more effective way to demonstrate that you can do for your next employer.

2. Summary professional Junior level

Candidates Junior level usually have two years or less experience and, as a rule, require careful monitoring, especially for complex tasks. These summaries should be one page.

Basic tips:

  • Demonstrate strong teamwork skills. One of the most important skills that hiring managers are looking for candidates Junior level, is the ability to work well in teams, large or small. Contrary to popular belief, the use of the words “we” or “our team” does not weaken your achievements; rather, it enhances your influence. And it is much more effective than saying, “I’m a team player”.
  • Include only relevant work experience and internships. Listing every internship or job you had, only weakens summary, mainly because it distracts the hiring Manager from the focus on how you are the right person for a particular job.
  • Do not do a professional resume. Unlike those who have seven years or more of experience, the professionals of Junior level there is no sufficient related work to do this summary. Instead, their summary should focus on the initial work, key achievements, education, and extracurricular activities.
  • Do not write the goal. Many candidates are unable to understand that goals are meaningless.

3. Summary recent College graduate

Basic tips:

  • Put your education section first. Summary recent College graduates or students must begin with College or University, degree, GPA and any academic awards.
  • Make details about your trainings short. Interns don’t carry as many respective duties, many professionals with years of experience. Continuing to talk about all the tiny things that you do you make the hiring Manager think that you are exaggerating or lying.
  • Use extracurricular activities to talk about themselves. Consider which extracurricular activities you have visited. It can be something big, for example, was President of the club, or something small, like a weekend of volunteer work — provided that it is quite interesting to tell a story about your Hobbies, achievements and about what kind of person you are.
  • To fit everything on one page. Potential employers know you just graduated, so don’t try to give in a resume with more information than you need. Otherwise you will lose credibility. You can also use an online Grammar checker to correct any spelling mistakes in your resume.
  • Make your resume pleasing to the eye. Hiring managers don’t expect the CVS of the graduates of the College will be filled with lots of details. Make it clean, clear and presentable.



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