How we became the bad guys

How we became the bad guys


A few days ago, two young emergency physicians who had been working at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal for two years decided to leave Quebec for Toronto because of the terrible law 96, “which could (but nobody knows it yet) be harmful”.

The CTV network hastened to devote a long report to them, in order to show how much law 96 will have disastrous repercussions on the Quebec health network.


As a surfer on his Twitter account humorously wrote: “Everything about French in Quebec seems to be anecdotal, but two doctors moving to Toronto, it becomes disturbing proof that Law 96 is harmful. .. Thank you CTV for the quality info. »

This user is right.

Every time a media releases a story about the difficulties for francophones in Montreal to be served in their language (or even to be treated in their language, as happened to my wife at the Jewish General Hospital de Montréal), these stories are said to be mere “anecdotes”.

We could release 500 such stories, they would all be perceived by the Canadian media as mini-storms in a thimble.

But when two English-speaking doctors – or two veiled future teachers – decide to lift the hats because of Laws 96 or 21, suddenly it becomes a story of national importance, A + B proof that there is something rotten in the kingdom of François Legault. 

When Francophones denounce a situation, they complain with their mouths full.

But when English-speaking Quebecers complain, Canada as a whole get on his high horse!


Because in Quebec, Anglophones are a minority.

While Francophones are a majority.

And for Canadians, justice always, always, always leans on the side of the minorities. 

Except on the side of the French-speaking minority, of course. 

How we became the bad guys

How we became the bad guys


It's Canada's new find. 

The new magic trick, which completely transforms the national narrative.

French-speaking Quebecers are not a minority, as we have been repeating for 155 years… but a majority!

They are not poor victims… but wicked executioners!

Who suffocate their minorities!

Admit it: you had to think about it.

As a strategy, it borders on genius. 

It's similar to judo: you use your enemy's strength to knock him down and send him to the ground.

Your opponent keeps claiming privileges by saying that he is in a minority position – so, in danger?

You overturn the table, and you present him as a tormentor!

Ya-dam! The “good guy” suddenly becomes the bad guy!

The one everyone boos!

We used to applaud the courage of French-speaking Quebecers?

Now we curse their intolerance!

It is no longer the Gauls who are the poor devils, no! It's the Romans!

The good and generous Romans, who just want to civilize the barbarians!

THE WORLD UPside down

In short, let it be said: in Quebec, it's not French that is threatened, it's English!

Incredible, isn't it?

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