How will contributions and what “second” pension

Pension Fund of Ukraine in the near future may be liquidated,and its functions transferred to other departments — the Ministry of Finance or state Treasury.

Как будут проходить взносы и что такое «вторая» пенсия

This writes the “Channel 24” with a link to an interview with “Mirror of week”, said Galina Tretyakova.

The head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on social policy stated that it also considered the option of converting the Pension Fund and social insurance Fund and unemployment in the National insurance Agency is necessary in connection with the fact that control of such funds, according to the official, is almost impossible. Active work is over, to restore order in this segment.

According to “Channel 24” , in the Parliament report that all of this is done within the framework of the pension reform and the current payments from this will not suffer. In connection with the demographic crisis, the high percentage of emigration in the future it may happen that the working population will be less than older people, which means money for payments may not be enough, in this regard, the system requires revision and adaptation to possible realities.

This is the reason for the possible elimination of PF to create a National insurance Agency that will correspond to the pension reform.

Also, journalists have uncovered the essence of the “second pension”, which may appear. Waiting to see how this works, you need to uncover the essence of the pension reform.

The first stage now, when pensions are paid from the Pension Fund that is filled with benefits for working people. The so-called “solidarity pension.

The second stage is a model of accumulative system of pension insurance. The bottom line is that a contribution will be divided. One part will go on payment to the Pension Fund,and the second is deposited in personal retirement account.

The third stage gives an opportunity for Ukrainians to make their own contributions to the pension account to private funds and to determine its size.

Despite the fact that now Ukraine is in the first stage, the Verkhovna Rada already planning the transition to the second. For example, bill No. 2683 provides for mandatory contributions to Ukrainians by “second” retirement.

The initiator of the bill is Galina Tretyakova, it involves mandatory contributions at least 1% from employee and minimum 2% from the employer on to the individual pension accounts that can be inherited. To save the contributions will create a special Treasury.

Not without some criticism of this decision, delivered by experts telling their opinion about the decision of liquidation of the Pension Fund. In particular, Andriy Reva, a former official believes that the elimination of the state employees Pension Fund will help to save 5 billion hryvnia, but will not solve the General problem.