How will the Office of counter raiding

Wednesday, 18 December 2019, the Ministry of justice of Ukraine opened an Office of counter-raiding. According to officials, this will help to protect the rights of businesses and citizens of Ukraine

Как будет работать Офис противодействия рейдерству

Raiding in Ukraine is still a thorny issue for the state and society. Victims of unlawful machinations can become business owners and individuals on the part of adventurers, law enforcement, business partners and commercial banks.

The Ministry of justice stated that the issue of corporate raiding in Ukraine is now closed and similar cases every month becomes less and less. If in October received 283 complaints, in November — 82. “There was a lot of noise in the media about the RAID. But we all overcame. It’s hard to say that now all stopped, but at the systemic level this phenomenon has already overcome,” — said the Minister of justice Denis Malyuska. But to exclude the possibility of such facts and, therefore, the running operation of the Office of counter-raiding, which can be accessed in the event of hostile takeovers.

How does it work?

The Office of counter-raiding provides:

✅ The creation of Advisory office on issues of state Registration.

✅ The launch of a telephone hotline for people on combating raiding.

✅ Providing advice to victims regarding the strategy of human rights protection in case of raider attack.

✅ The introduction of electronic system of notaries.

✅ Ensuring access to quality services of a notary.

✅ The introduction of technical anti-RAID warnings at software level public registers.

In the case that the representative of the business or individual fell under the scope of the raiders and want to get help from the state, you must do the following:

▶ I personally make a complaint to the Ministry of justice of Ukraine by the address: Kyiv, Yevhen sverstyuk, 15, Gorodetsky street, 13, Rylsky lane 10.

▶ This is by sending an email at the address: Gorodetskogo street, 13, Kyiv, 01001.

▶ App via the Portal of state services IGov.

After the filing of the complaint to the Office of counteraction to raiding it will be reviewed within 30 calendar days. In case to transfer the case to law enforcement will lack the information, the time the complaint is extended up to 15 days. Note that the complaint will not be considered if documented and filed in the incorrect form.

Also, if you know about illegal registration actions concerning real estate or business, you must electronically file a complaint with the Commission in electronic form using IGov. After registration of the complaint and its consideration by the Commission within 30-45 days, the post with the complaint comes to the police.

“How do you know that raiding happened? If a party will provide us with information about what was raiding, involving other things, we will assume the information. For example, this could previously write media. If you just received a complaint without any additional evidence, we will simply be seen as a complaint”, — said the Minister of justice Denis Malyuska.

The Ministry of justice remind you to protect yourself from hostile takeovers should:

➡ this is to follow the statements in the state registers, namely the change in the Charter of their property.

➡ this is to make caveats in the Charter, for example, if there is any decision to change the members or managers of the company.

➡ this is the arrange documents concerning land rights, which are assets of large enterprises.

➡ this is to make statements about the real property in the state registry is committed to insure the property from the section on the forged documents.

➡ this is to designate in the articles of Association regarding the requirements of mandatory notarization of contracts of alienation of corporate rights.

The Ministry has reported on the opening of the Office was not spent a penny as the room is public property. At the moment, haven’t recruited all staff, which will consist of qualified professionals and experts. In total, the state plans to hire about 20 employees that will handle citizens ‘ appeals and complaints. Salary of full-time employee will range from UAH 10 thousand, plus bonuses for extra days work and awards. The salaries of experts are kept secret. The Ministry said that one post goes to 20 summary.