Hubble recorded “the face of a robot from Star wars”

Hubble зафиксировал «лицо робота из Звездных войн»

A system of two colliding galaxies Arp-Madore is 704 million light-years from Earth

The Hubble telescope has discovered two colliding galaxies, forming a shape resembling the face of the robot C3PO from the movie Star wars. It is reported portal Naked Science.

The article notes that the collision of galaxies is a frequent phenomenon in deep space, but they are, so to speak, slobovia, in contrast to this system’s Arp-Madore, located in 704 million light-years from Earth.

This system is recorded in the catalog of celestial bodies as AM 2026-424. It was discovered in 1966, but over time, the location of its components has changed. Hubble observed it in the framework of the Snapshot. Astronomers use this innovative program to carefully study other interacting galaxies outside the box.