Hubert Urbański praised by viewers. The leader of “Millionaires” showed steel nerves. What happened

Anyone who has met a smart about a person at least once in their life knows very well how irritating she can be during a conversation or talking about something specific.

 Hubert Urbański praised by the viewer. The leader of the

General knowledge is an opportunity to impress people around you, you need to balance the way you speak so as not to let the interlocutors understand that you should explain everything to them like little children, because they won't be able to comprehend so many things anyway. This is how people with very high self-esteem and even narcissists can act.

Hubert Urbański was congratulated on his steel nerves

They will use every possible opportunity to show off a large amount of knowledge, embarrassing their conversations or the audience. Such people need constant attention and audience to manifest their intellectual superiority over others.

This is what one of the participants of the Millionaires program behaved, who heard the question about the organ in the human body that consumes the most glucose. The man ruthlessly prolonged his answer, decomposing each of the individual hints into prime factors, while analyzing the logicality of their occurrence.

There was no end to the arguments of each of the man's decisions, which caused considerable irritation of the audience and viewer & oacute; w.

Hubert Urbański, who hosts the program, at some point stopped hiding his fatigue with this man. The viewers on social media did not leave a dry thread on Mr. Dominik.

The viewers congratulated Hubert Urbański on social media for his angelic patience and steel nerve – I admire people like Hubert, you know what I think about . o stoic calm/exactly, being forced to listen to these wisdoms with such stoic calm is no mean feat 👍😀 – they wrote on Facebook.

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