“Human error” caused the delay of the election results in Ontario (PHOTOS)

"Человеческая ошибка" стала причиной задержки результатов выборов по Онтарио  (ФОТО)

The organization for the conduct of elections in Canada said that “human error” was the reason that the Federal candidates in southern Ontario was expecting most of the day to see who scored the highest number of votes in the elections on Monday.

Preliminary results of the vote on Monday evening showed that liberal candidate Tim Louis was getting around the current candidate of the conservative Harold Albrecht, gaining slightly less than 300 votes on all election items, not counting five, the results of which were detained.

And by Tuesday morning the results of these five polling stations had still not been registered, leaving the race in limbo.

The organization for the conduct of elections claims that the document, which was to be retained by the employee for the return of ballots, counts the number of votes received by each candidate and the number of rejected ballot papers had been accidentally sealed inside the ballot boxes.

The problem was compounded when the Chairman of the electoral Commission were not able to contact with the Deputy, who also had a copy until this morning.

Now, according to the organization, five polling stations was, but their voices didn’t change the outcome of the elections, although the updated figures on the victory of Louis over Albrecht so given and was not.