Humanity has turned into a dump for more than half of the world’s oceans

60% of the World’s ocean is contaminated as a result of human impact.

This was stated by the national center for ecological analysis and synthesis (NCEAS).

Человечество превратило в помойку уже больше половины мирового океана

Scientists first studied the General impact of mankind on the oceans: waste pollution, mass fish catch and the increase in traffic.

According to the study, over the past decade, human influence on the oceans has increased almost twice. This may continue over the next decades if not to stop the process of pollution of the ocean.

“We need to solve the problem, consisting of many factors. We can’t fix just one, if you want to slow down and stop negative influences,” said lead author Ben Halpern.

Most scientists are alarmed by the situation in the Middle East, Australia, West Africa and the Islands of the Eastern Caribbean. Stronger among all ecosystems suffer from mangroves and coral reefs.

The scientists also found that the condition of the seas from South Korea, Japan, the UK and Denmark improved due to reduction in commercial fishing.