‘Humiliating and degrading’: women were not allowed in the business class of the aircraft due to the extra weight

Enjoy the luxury of the flight in business class sisters Renelle and Tere and their mother Huhana not meant to be. They can only do this after surgery for weight loss. About it writes BBC.

'Унизительно и оскорбительно': женщин не пустили в бизнес-класс самолета из-за лишнего веса

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During check-in at Bangkok airport, the Thai Airways employees approached them with a measuring tape and said that they are “too big” for their seats in business class.

Since then it’s been six months, and 59-year-old Johana still remembers the “disgusting” case.

“Airport workers constantly shouting: “too big, too big.” The people around watched as they take us measurements at the reception. It was so humiliating and degrading that I just began to cry,” said Huhana.

Thereafter they were sent to the salon of economy class.

Huhana says he won’t travel by planes, until you lose weight to avoid such traumatic experiences.

“We were looking forward to travel in business class, and instead got a psychological trauma”, she added.

Most airlines give passengers a fat extender seat belts.

But Thai Airways said that the seatbelts in their business class equipped with airbags, which means that they cannot be lengthened. The family is still embarrassed by this explanation.

Huhana and her daughter tried to get compensation from Thai Airways. But the airline offered to compensate difference in tariffs.

The full amount for the tickets has paid the travel Agency, which sent women in Thailand. However, this had to wait more than six months.

Thai Airways explained that after this incident, improve the system of warning customers at the level of the reservation.

And the residue remained

Women came to Bangkok to participate in a weight loss program, organized by Destination Beauty company specializing in weight loss and plastic surgery in Thailand.

Martin Olsen, Executive Director of Destination Beauty, said he was “very upset and surprised” with the way the airline do in this situation.

He was also embarrassed by the actions of employees of Thai Airways: “Many fat people order a business class, because they cannot be accommodated in the economy class.”

However, the representative of the civil aviation authority UK (CAA) explained that the situation with too overall passengers each airline decides individually.

The airlines expect the flying weight of the plane consisting of the average weight of passengers, their Luggage and fuel.

“Usually, the weight of passengers does not exceed the permissible norms”, — he said.

Most airlines recommend fat people to buy two seats.

However, few airlines are clearly prescribed rules for the carriage of such passengers. For example, American Airlines has clearly stated: “If the body of the passenger is more than one inch (2.5 cm) beyond the edge of the armrest and requires a long seat belt, he should buy two seats”.


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