Hundreds of demonstrators urged Canada to intervene in Iraq (PHOTOS)

Сотни демонстрантов призывают Канаду вмешаться в ситуацию в Ираке (ФОТО)

About 400 people gathered in downtown Toronto on Saturday to call on the government to end the violence against the Iraqi protesters.

The demonstrators standing on the stairs in front of Old City Hall, holding Iraqi flags and posters reading: “save the Iraqi people”. Many of the protesters were Iraqi Canadians. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah freedom,” they chanted.

Ray Seager, the organizer of the rally, told reporters that the demonstrators in Toronto want the canadian government stood up for the human rights of all are violated in Iraq. He added that Canada needs to address the violence against unarmed civilians.

“We urge the Prime Minister of Canada to take its rightful place in the fight against violation of human rights,” added Seeger, adding that the protesters in Iraq are young people from different fields, who share the common desire to end government corruption.

According to official data, from October 1 to at least 341 people were killed in Iraq during mass protests. Thousands suffered. On Saturday, Iraqi security forces used rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd in Baghdad, killing one person. Thousands of Iraqis are participating in the demonstrations against government corruption, unemployment and lack of basic services. They want reform.