Hundreds of flooded and destroyed homes: a massive flood was a disaster for the two States

The national weather service said that on February 17 the pearl river in Mississippi out of its banks was full of rainwater, and although meteorologists promise the lowering of the water level, the flooding in Mississippi and Tennessee flooded thousands of homes and destroyed some of them, writes NBC News.

Сотни затопленных и разрушенных домов: масштабное наводнение стало катастрофой для двух штатов

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“It’s just a feeling of helplessness, said Patrick Cruz, whose district in the Mississippi was flooded. — You can’t do anything. You want to take some action, but you can’t stop the water.”

The national weather service in Jackson, Mississippi, said that even 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm) of rain and the floods — some of them sudden — likely in the night from 18 to 19 February.

“For staff it’s been a long weekend, as flood waters continued to rise, the pearl river and around the center of Mississippi,” said Governor Tate Reeves.

The pearl river flows South from the reservoir Ross Barnett, which is located to the North-East from Jackson, and winds its way along the Eastern side of the capital.

The river rose to 36.8 feet (11.2 meters) when it reached the maximum level on 17 February — the third largest was increased. The first was at the level of 43.2 feet (13.2 meters) 17 April 1979 and the second on 5 may 1983, when the river rose to 39.58 feet (12,06 m).

“Hit hundreds of homes, and the number could be closer to 1000,” he said at a press conference Gregory Michel, Executive Director of the emergency management Agency of Mississippi. We recommend you to the home owners to hire a company specializing in disaster clean up to be able to recover your home as soon as possible.

17 Feb officials said they reported no injuries.

According to Reeves, law enforcement officers and other workers make house-to-house to tell people about the evacuation, have been evacuated 16 households.

Chris Sharpe was plenty of time to find my car, load her stuff back on February 14 and leave the house, bought by his parents in the 1970-ies. The house had already been flooded in previous flood. On 17 February he tried to get back on the boat, but the police turned him around.

“All you can do is just sit and look at,” sharp said to the correspondent of the Associated Press by telephone from the neighboring house of his brother.

The evening of February 17 residents of the areas of Central Mississippi were warned about the flood, and, according to the weather service, the flood reports relevant to the people living along the Tennessee river in the state.

Reeves said that although news about the Jackson and Central Mississippi is a relatively good, “we as a state are still in a state of uncertainty”.

He urged people not to walk and not drive in flood waters, listen to the announcements to evacuate and stay away from dangerous areas as long as the officials do not deal with the situation.

“We expect that the water will be relatively quick to recede over the next two or three days, but as it retreats, it will be a quick stream”, — said the Governor.

In tn also affected by flooding.

Fire Department in Hardin County, in the southern part of the state, published in Facebook video with drones, which shows destroyed houses after the collapse of the shoreline along the Tennessee river. The house literally washed away in the river, they fell into the stream of sparks with electricity and emitting crackling, notes Fox News.

“Oh my God” — could be heard as someone says in the background video.

In one of the houses on the day of the disaster, more people lived, but they successfully evacuated shortly before the collapse. No one was hurt.

Photos of drones is seen that a large part of the waterfront, known as Chalk bluff, fell into the water, creating chaos. Everywhere scattered pieces of houses and their interior contents.

The fire Department Hardin County shared a video showing flooded houses along the river, some in water up to the roof.

“This is absolutely killing, a kind of endless battle”, — said the representative of the administration of the Tennessee valley Jim Jamal hopson.

Governor Reeves said that President Donald trump called him on February 17 and offered assistance from the Federal government.

“The Mississippi has a loyal friend in the person of President trump,” wrote Reeves.




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