Hundreds of positions to fill at Revenu Québec

Hundreds of positions available at Revenu Québec


Revenu Québec is currently recruiting and seeking to fill hundreds of positions, particularly in the areas of customer service, information technology, accounting and law. 

Revenu Québec now has just over 1,600 jobs in the regions and wishes to increase this number by 2028.

The Provincial Revenue Agency has offices across Quebec, in 13 of the province's 17 administrative regions. The jobs offered offer the possibility of working face-to-face and telecommuting, depending on the position.

Job offers currently online on the Revenu Québec website show salaries ranging from $37,019 to $100,473 $, depending on job and experience.

“Working at Revenu Québec means benefiting from flexible and advantageous working conditions, which stand out on the job market. The valuable benefits enjoyed by staff members allow them to find a real balance between the different spheres of their lives,” said Revenu Québec.