Hundreds of thousands of ducks took over a fire

Сотни тысяч уток приняли за пожар

Specialists of the National weather service from the American city of Duluth, Minnesota, noticed unusual activity on the screen weather

on radar and warned the security services about the fire. According to the publication Star Tribune, in fact, the radar recorded 600 thousand pereproshivka ducks.

Noticing suspicious activity, the staff of the weather service called the Sheriff and firefighters, but none of them have been reported fires. Then they contacted the staff of the reserve of rice lake, where was recorded the greatest activity.

It turned out that in the reserve that morning conducted a study of waterfowl. The time indicated by the staff of the reserve, almost exactly coincided with the testimony of the radar in Duluth. The researchers floated on the lake by boat, air cushion, and, apparently, disturbed the ducks.

The ducks were able to safely return to the water only after the staff of the reserve has sailed. Meteorologists were surprised by the strength and duration of the reverb, which made the duck. Sometimes their radar reacts to birds, but this usually occurs at dawn in spring and autumn, when birds migrate.