Hungry for health transfers

Hungry for healthy transfers


VICTORIA | With the worst of the health crisis behind us, Premier François Legault believes Ottawa must negotiate the increase health transfers. 

François Legault arrived yesterday in Victoria, British Columbia to participate in the Council of the Federation, which is taking place at the Fairmont Empress Hotel and which brings together the first ministers from Canada's 13 provinces and territories.

Unsurprisingly, the priority for Quebec will be an increase in federal health transfers.

The provinces are asking Ottawa to increase its transfers in health from 22% to “at least 35%”.

“The big theme we are going to discuss is going to be health. Unconditional health transfers,” said François Legault in a short statement, along with Doug Ford.

“When Ontario and Quebec stand together, we will go far,” said- he added.

Mr. Ford also mentioned that the two prime ministers had a strong relationship.

“Justin Trudeau needs to sit down and negotiate with the prime ministers,” Quebec Premier Ewan Sauves' press secretary said earlier.

Common Front&nbsp ;

For all of Canada, this is an increase of $28 billion, claimed unconditionally and on a recurring basis. 

“The pandemic has put unsustainable pressure on our healthcare systems. We're doing our best, but our healthcare workers are exhausted. The common front of premiers, initiated by Mr. Legault when he acted as President of the Council of the Federation, is solid and more united than ever,” said Mr. Legault's cabinet. 

< p>Arrived yesterday afternoon in Victoria, the Prime Minister took the opportunity to speak with his Ontario counterpart, Doug Ford. 

The Minister responsible for Canadian Relations and the Canadian Francophonie and President of the Treasury Board, Sonia LeBel, accompanies the Prime Minister during this trip to Western Canada. 

Battle to be expected? 

Last March, the federal government and its Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos, announced investments of $2 billion to reduce waiting times for surgeries due to COVID-19. Quebec had received $450 million from the envelope.

The sums were intended to “repair the damage caused by the pandemic”, declared the federal minister.

Quebec Minister Sonia LeBel reacted by indicating that this was “a first temporary step” by Ottawa in the financing of health care.

“Our request remains a recurring increase without condition of Canada health transfers”, she also indicated.

Ms. LeBel recalled that this is a requirement expressed by all the premiers of the provinces and by the 'National Assembly. “Quebec has the expertise to take care of its health network. »


The rise in inflation and the cost of living will be an unavoidable subject during these two days of meetings. 

“This is a priority for all governments in Canada and for that of Mr. Legault,” said Ewan Sauves. 

This morning, Premiers will meet with National Indigenous Leaders. They will then address the press. 

This year, British Columbia Premier John Horgan is chairing the council. 

The Chief This province's New Democratic Party recently announced that he will step down from office this fall.

The 63-year-old was diagnosed with throat cancer last November. 

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