Hunt speckled trout

Hunt Speckled Trout


There is a simple way to maximize your chances when trying to outsmart brook trout.

When trolling or casting, you hopes to cross paths with beautiful specimens and interest them. In fact, we fish a little blind, unless we know a spot that is more productive and promising than the others.

When the trout is active, it often comes to swallow insects on the surface. We then hear a distinctive noise, as if a pebble had fallen into the water, then we see a circular wave propagating. Occasionally, she will porpoise. This means that she will hunt close to the surface and you may see some parts of her dorsal and caudal anatomy. It will also happen that it darts like a torpedo to capture prey on the surface. Her body will inevitably be exposed as if she wants to perform a jump.


The three scenarios explained all have one thing in common, they precisely indicate the exact place where an active trout is hunting. The circular wave then acts as a growing target. The cane handler must hasten, at this moment, to catapult his offering into the midst of the action. You need to be as specific as possible. If your lure magically comes to her very close to her position, there's a good chance she'll take an interest in it and attack it with gusto. On the other hand, if your presentation lands several centimeters away, or even meters away, you will not get the desired surprise effect. The fish can then analyze what is happening for a longer time and refuse your approach.

To increase your level of accuracy, place your body straight in front of the target and do not take your eyes off it. Raise your rod upwards by directing it towards the objective and make your movement on a perfectly vertical axis in its direction. 


If the char is furious and super stimulated, it can attack a big spoon like a Lake Clear, Williams, Toronto Wobbler, etc. equipped with a leader and worm.

Basically, you have to realize that the trout was motivated by the presence of an insect, a larva or even a small fish. It would therefore be preferable to use small, easy-to-throw offerings. As soon as I see such a reaction from a fish, I hastily rewind my spoon and slowly drive towards the site with my electric motor. I grab my second gobage rod, fitted with 4 lbs/test, and aim. 

Small soft offerings mounted on a 1/16 to 3/16 d jig head 'once like the Vie Shiner, Tri-Color Mini-Tube, Mister Twister Micro Nymph, Mister Crappie Lightning Shad Strike King, Bobby Garland Slab Hunt'R, Itty Bit Swim'R, Yum Grub YG1, Salmo Spikey Shad or the Teenie will be ideal for obtaining the desired reactions. Small rotating lures such as the Mepps Aglia B0, the Black Fury and other models of the genre or mini crankbaits such as the Rebel Jointed Minnow, the Salmo Bass Bug, the Rapala Original Floating, the Trackdown Minnow TD49, etc. will also generate excellent results.

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Hunt Speckled Trout