Hunters want to exercise their right to vote

Hunters want to exercise their right to vote


Hunters would like Élections Québec to make changes to the electoral calendar to allow them to vote before the start of the hunt, which begins before the advance poll in certain regions, such as the North Shore.  

Several hunters who have camps located several hours away from their residence want to be in the forest as soon as the hunt begins on September 17, but they do not know if they will be back for election day on October 3.

They cannot take advantage of the advance voting which takes place on September 25 and 26, nor can they benefit from voting at the office of the returning officer, which is also held after they leave for the hunt (September 23-24 and 27-28-29).

The only other option would be postal voting for people who live outside their constituency.

But to vote this way, the returning officer must send a ballot by job. The voter must still provide a civic address.

“The problem is to send the ballot in question,” explained the returning officer in Duplessis, Renaud Dignard. “I cannot send a ballot, for example, to a camp in the woods where I do not have a civic address. You can vote by post, but you have to send that vote somewhere.”

Renaud Dignard has received complaints from hunters who feel aggrieved by this situation. This is the case of Daniel Girard, whose camp is very far from his main residence and who may have to give up his right to vote if he does not return from his hunt before October 3.

< p> “On the day of the vote, I will still be in the woods, in my camp, in the north. I will not spend several hundred dollars to come back and vote. I think the solution would be simple and applicable across Quebec: they just have to move the advance poll forward by ten days,” he said.

There is no reason to believe that Elections Quebec is considering such a change. The Duplessis returning officer will report the comments of these hunters to his superiors.