Hurricane Fiona: a skull thousands of years old resurfaces

Hurricane Fiona: Thousand Year Old Skull Resurfaces


After Hurricane Fiona hit the Atlantic Provinces, a woman from Prince Edward Island discovered a bone that may be thousands of years old.< /strong> 

Jessie Gaudet was walking her dog along the edge of a beach in Tignish when she discovered a walrus tusk buried in the sand. The latter probably came to the surface after Fiona passed by like many other strange objects.

“I found what appeared to be a bone sticking out of the sand near the edge of the water. “said Ms. Gaudet in an interview with CTV News. “When I took it out, I first thought it was a claw. [But] once I pulled it out of the sand, I thought it was a walrus because of the tusks.”

She then contacted the New Brunswick Museum who confirmed that they had found an ancient walrus tusk that is potentially thousands of years old. Museum workers asked Ms. Gaudet to keep the bone in salt water until someone came to retrieve it.

“The walrus is one of the most easily recognizable in Canada,” reads the Nature Conservancy of Canada's website.

Walruses were once found in the Atlantic provinces, before being hunted to extinction in this region at the end of the 18th century.

The New Brunswick Museum reportedly told Jessie Gaudet that the walrus skull she found could be between 3,000 and 12,000 years old according to the photos that 'she sent them.