Husband and wife, 4 children and cat in Texas family found dead in the garage of his house

American soldier and his family — wife, four children and two pet cats were found dead inside the SUV in the garage of their home in San Antonio, Texas, says Fox News.

Муж с женой, 4 детей и кошки: в Техасе семью нашли мертвой в гараже собственного дома

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Approaching the house, police responding to the call, felt a strong smell of chemical fumes coming out of the building, as well as “mysterious” a note on the door.

After officers were able to enter the house, they found the bodies of the couples aged 30+ years with four children. They were all in the SUV van. It is assumed that we are talking about the murder-suicide, said at a press conference the chief of police of San Antonio William McManus.

“There are no words to describe it,” he added.

According to the chief, the children’s ages varied from 11 months to 4 years. Two domestic cats of the family was also found dead in the SUV. The names of the family members are not made public.

“It’s the big picture. Adults, children, Pets,” said McManus.

Initially, the police were called to the house after the father has not fulfilled that day the work was to be done remotely.

Seven police officers said that he smelled the “heavy, toxic smoke coming from inside”.

“This instantly made everyone go back out the door,” added McManus.

Police also found a mysterious note on the door written in military jargon, which stated that the bodies could be found inside. The note reported that the bodies of animals will lie in the freezer machine. According to McManus, the author of the note is not recommended to go inside.

Officers who initially answered the call, passed the medical exam, they are in no danger, he added.

Police reported that the drone sent to the house after people pushed away from the building and the acrid smoke, found in the building of the supposed explosives that caused the evacuation of over 200 homes in the area.

“The police and the fire Department evacuated the area to search for possible explosive materials. Please stay away from this zone, as there are rescuers”, — reported on the website of the police of San Antonio in Facebook.

According to McManus, when the police eventually entered the house and found the bodies, explosives were found. He added that it was unclear what military branch was connected to the deceased person.

The family reportedly returned to the house in January 2020, after a temporary residence in another place.

Preliminary cause of death in the family was the carbon monoxide poisoning.