Husband Dorofeeva Dantes wrote a song together with the author of the hit “Security, otma” (video)

Муж Дорофеевой Дантес написал песню вместе с автором хита «Охрана, отмєна» (видео)

The husband of a popular singer, the soloist of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva, blogger and presenter Vladimir Dantes presented a clip for the track “Now You’re 30”. He returned to the Ukrainian show-business and will now please their fans with music within a solo project DANTES., writes TSN.

The song Vladimir Dantes wrote together with singer, author of the hit “Kranon” Jerry Heil (Jana Sameway).

“About 30 years there are very few songs. They only sing about Gaza and Tender may track about “Svetka Sokolova”. Besides, many people, especially girls, there is an unjustified stereotype that 30 life is over. No need to be afraid of this figure. Just drop your preconceptions, have fun and enjoy their experience. After all, 30 is just beginning,” he said about his new job.

According to the artist, the debut video for the song reveals the problems of “midlife crisis” and aims to destroy the stereotypes associated with 30-year anniversary.

The video Director is a close friend of the artist Leonid Kolosovskiy. He has also worked on videos for the band “Leningrad”, “Time and Glass” and MOZGI.

According to Leonid, they decided to make the video funny and sad at the same time. After all, people a little over thirty often think that old age. It’s only an illusion! We wanted to show that life after 30 beautiful, even better than before.

In the clip the main character at first is in denial, trying to run away from the 30th anniversary and his problems, but later accepts the situation and is the metaphorical “loop” chooses to celebrate his age.

“I liked that during the filming, the entire crew was involved and offered their ideas. The clip was filmed a lot of our General Nadia (Dorofeeva) friends and relatives. There was a feeling that we create clip one big family”, — said Dantes.

Recall that after the victory in the “Factory of stars-2” Vladimir Dantes together with Vadim Oleynik created the duet dio.movies. After the band’s breakup in 2015, the singer for three years led a culinary travel show “Food, I love you”, which for 7 seasons the program has visited more than 75 countries. In parallel, the artist participated in the television projects “Goddess of shopping” and “Little giants”.

As previously reported “FACTS”, Vladimir Dantes made a Frank admission, telling about abuse of girls. According to him, the reason for this behavior was the long-standing psychological trauma: handsome in his youth threw the girl.

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