Husband Megan Fox spoke about the quarrels with his wife because of the children

The other day the husband 33-year-old Megan Fox, the 46-year-old Brian Austin green admitted in an interview that he did not immediately and with great difficulty managed to reach agreement with his wife in the upbringing of children. For a long time, Chad 3 couples were subject to ongoing quarrels and disputes.

Муж Меган Фокс рассказал о ссорах с женой из-за детей

Megan and Brian have been together for a long time, their romance began in 2004, after they met on the set of the TV series “Hope and faith”. But they played only 6 years later — in 2010. And in 2016, the pair disappointed his fans, saying that they decided to officially terminate their marriage. And, as said the gossips, one of the reasons of divorce became constant quarrels, including the kids.

The fact that Megan gave birth to Brian three strikingly beautiful sons. Senior Noah is now six years old, middle-Bodhi — five, and the youngest is Journey —yet only three years. But to fight over them, Fox and green started when the eldest was still quite young. Then Megan, much to the anger of Brian, began to dress their young handsome men like girls in dresses. And Brian, as a supporter of harsh parenting, was furious after seeing sons in another similar outfit. Besides, Fox encouraged creative sons, gently bringing them to a future acting career. And it is also madly didn’t like green. Besides, the couple had constant disagreements about the food sons. Fox demanded that the children only ate the foods that she considered healthy. But green believed the policy of the wife on the part of children’s diet — “unnecessary pain.”

However, after Megan and Brian, again surprising his fans, made peace, they decided to start from scratch and learn to find compromises. And judging by the fact that this year the couple officially withdrew their request for divorce, they succeeded. “Now we cooperate in raising children, try to listen and hear each other. I still feel in the family “bad COP” in relation to children. But now we try to respect each other’s views, even if they disagree!” — says the actor. And now he’s not even objected to the fact that senior Noah already announced he intends to be an actor.