Husband Nadia Dorofeeva remembered how I was in school

Did you know that the singer Vladimir Dantes at school was a bully? He disrupted lessons, he was kicked out of class. And this despite the fact that father Vladimir worked as a policeman!

Муж Нади Дорофеевой вспомнил, каким был в школе

Due to the mischievous nature of the parents of the singer had to keep guy in line. About DANTES told show backstage New channel “Children against the stars.”

I have both mum and dad are strict but cool and funny, with a sense of humor. Because mom spent a lot of time with me, it seemed to me more strict. Dad, I was afraid. He could provide solid arguments why I’m wrong. For me, that just does not scold! I always did everything wrong and did not obey parents

said Dantes.

In childhood Volodya didn’t even think about how to devote her life to the stage. But… dreamed of becoming a policeman like daddy. But the talent has taken its toll.

I am very much involved in music: singing in the choir, performed in the Kharkiv Opera theatre with the choir boys. I played the piano, clarinet, guitar, vocal training. So music – my everything

said Dantes.

But in the program “Children against stars,” in battle, Dantes was not up to the music. He remembered his geography knowledge. Against Vladimir made 6-year-old Zakhar Ardoteli.