Husband of Regina todorenko appreciated the spicy spouses

Recently, Regina todorenko visited Italy, where he visited the show of the famous Italian brand Calzedonia Verona, and also managed to walk in picturesque places, along with the little boy Michael. Moreover, the lead broke loose and being enjoyed delicious Italian cuisine, not forgetting the ice cream. That, as recognized by the girl herself, led to the recruitment of extra pounds.

Муж Регины тодоренко оценил пикантный снимок супруги

A young mother has published a racy black-and-white photo, which depicted in only one bodysuit and leather jacket, looking playfully at the camera. Regina said that after the trip will once again lead figure in the order and glad the new trends in the field of feminine beauty — namely, the popularity of size models “plus”.

“#of poslerodovm came in shape, but after traveling to Italy again gained +3kg Today I saw a new model plus-size #victoriassecret and decided that I need to have her figure!!!! I admire people like @ali_tate_cutler , which looks great despite your volumes (all toned and elastic). I think that such should be the girls who are stoked for #bodypositive! Never ceases to amaze cyclical fashion. Soon the paintings will depict curvaceous women in the Renaissance. I wonder what will replace such a standard of female beauty,” shared Todorenko.

Муж Регины тодоренко оценил пикантный снимок супруги

In the immediately responded husband of TV presenter Vlad Topalov, who with humor noted that all have missed the seductive frames from Regina.

“Finally a normal picture!!!!!! Thank you!!!! And then we got bored, with sexuality!” — wrote the singer.

Subscribers teledive fully agreed with him and showered her with compliments.

  • Awesome
  • Cool. Beauty
  • Oh, fire
  • Divine beauty is real
  • Looks great!!!
  • Stunned
  • Whoa…what a way.The first time I see.Very beautiful
  • You in this photo seem very thin. I want health more. And, of course, you are very beautiful, and feminine-wise. Thanks for you
  • Bodypisitive beautiful, if in tandem with the sport! Treated with love
  • Regina,you look great! Full respect
  • Super!!!