Husband of Regina Todorenko talked about their values and priorities

Vlad Topalov with the advent of the son was literally reborn. The singer does not descend from hands little Michael constantly repeats that the child and wife Regina todorenko is its biggest wealth. Leading in a recent interview confirmed the words of her husband – Vlad has really become more sentimental and regained the ability to wonder and marvel at. As if continuing the theme, the artist decided to take part in the challenge and tell that for him more than anything else. A relevant video he recorded and posted on Instagram.

Муж Регины Тодоренко рассказал о своих ценностях и приоритетах

In addition to friends and relatives, with age, Vlad began to appreciate rapidly flying time, because it takes forever.

“Of course, means the world to me my wife and my son. To some it will seem banal, but it’s true. My heart, soul everything belongs to every day, every second of them. But there is another very important thing that I value is time. With age time is becoming less time for themselves, for family, for work, for themselves, for parents, for health, for friends, for music. Therefore, the older you get, the more expensive it becomes time for me”, — said Vlad.

Fans fully shared the opinion of the singer. They marveled at the wisdom of his judgment and ability to prioritize.

  • The right words man! Great!
  • I totally agree with you. With age you become wiser and you start to appreciate the time, which is not enough
  • All right, all to the point
  • Vlad! You can’t imagine how right you are!!!! Wife and son, love and your happy eyes
  • Great said. Straight to the point. And it’s actually so
  • Well done, that have come to this, myself, now, not in another 20 years. Take care there, implement your time and be happy with your loved ones
  • I agree with every word