Husband of Regina Todorenko touched by a touching photo with her son

Vlad Topalov always bored when wife Regina todorenko and son Mike went on a long trip from home – their walls seem empty without their loved one. This time the star went to his native Ukraine – at first she arrived in Kiev, where he was leading the balcony in the eleventh edition of the project dancing with the stars 2019, and then with the baby went to Odessa to tell the family. Vlad also published in emotional Instagram photo with Misha and said that his favorite people will be at home again soon!

Муж Регины Тодоренко умилил трогательным фото с сыном

The picture shows the singer holding the boy in her arms and smiles at him. Happy father and son pose in front of the sea. Most likely, the photo was taken in the summer during a family trip to Greece.

“And who flies to the Pope? I missed you so much! Although, actually, he’s better at sea, of course. It’s all selfishness!” — says Vlad.

Fans of the drew family idyll in the photo, and little Michael has caused a real wave of emotion.

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