Hybrid Lincoln Aviator was more powerful than promised


Гибридный Lincoln Aviator оказался мощнее, чем обещали

Elegant and luxurious, the Lincoln Aviator debuted in the fall of 2018 at the motor show in Los Angeles. Then, speaking about the power plants, the manufacturer specified power hybrid versions at the level of 456 HP After all certification procedures revealed that this is a fairly cautious statement. The real impact of a hybrid is close to 500 forces.

Stylish 6-seater Lincoln Aviator is preparing to enter the US market. All necessary approvals and certificates, and local journalists finally got the opportunity to try something new on the test drive. And then suddenly it turned out that the power of the hybrid version of the Grand Touring significantly higher than originally stated. The composition of the petrol-electric powertrain includes a 3.0-liter Biturbo V6 engine. And according to some data its total output is 500 HP instead of 456 HP Peak torque has increased from 814 to 854 Nm. Thus, the Aviator becomes one of the most powerful in the segment of premium mid-size SUVs.

The characteristics of traditional versions with internal combustion engines is also slightly adjusted. Its 3.0-liter Biturbo “six” generates 406 HP of power (no change there) and 563 Nm of peak torque (previously 542 Nm). The engine is paired with a 10-band “automatic”. The rear – wheel drive by default and full for an additional fee.

The creators put emphasis on the richness of equipment and the premium quality. Lincoln Aviator will be available with 6 – and 7-seater configuration of salon. The list of equipment will include a digital instrument panel, large 10-inch touch screen media system and a projection display, a set of electronic active safety systems of the Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Plus, the electronic key and the ability to control some functions via mobile app. To emphasize the exclusivity of the model, signals, alerts, for example, seat belt or open door, recorded the musicians of the Detroit Symphony orchestra.

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