Hydro engineers issue a warning to the Prime Minister

Hydro engineers issue warning to Prime Minister


The Hydro-Quebec Engineers Union today served a warning to Prime Minister François Legault, two days before the presentation of his next cabinet meeting. 

In a press release, the Professional Syndicate of Hydro-Québec Engineers (SPIHQ) warned that it would be “inconceivable”, from its point of view, that the CAQ government seek to intervene in the energy transition strategy, as tabled by the management of the state-owned company.

“We cannot favor a purely economic perspective to the detriment of the other interests of Quebecers, argued the president of the SPIHQ, Nicolas Cloutier, in an interview with Le Journal.&nbsp ;

“The government can of course determine the province's major development orientations, but must then leave it to Hydro-Québec to carry out its strategic plan. (…) You cannot one day turn right, and another day turn left.”

The “superministry” worries

The union is concerned about reports in the media last week that the Prime Minister is considering creating a “superministry” bringing together the economy, regional development, international relations and energy. 

This new entity would be headed by Pierre Fitzgibbon, former Minister of Economy and Innovation, repeatedly rebuffed by the Ethics Commissioner. 

In an interview at Cogeco , the CEO of Hydro-Québec was quickly annoyed by this scenario, even warning that she was ready to resign if the Legault government forced the state-owned company to embrace energy-intensive projects.

The SPIHQ hopes that François Legault, at the time of the formation of his Council of Ministers, recalls all the importance that must be given to the autonomy of Hydro-Québec in the conduct of its strategic plan and makes it a “clear directive for the incumbent of the new ministry.

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