Hydro-Québec changes the rules for awarding contracts to Effect A

Hydro-Québec is changing the rules for awarding contracts at the’ Effect A


After the series of revelations in the Journal des Derniers Jours, Hydro-Québec is finally changing the rules for awarding contracts awarded to the firm of the spouse of its CEO Sophie Brochu.  

“As recently agreed with the Secretariat for Senior Jobs, if new cohorts were to be enrolled in Effect A, a recommendation, together with the profile of the candidates and the alternatives that have been considered, would be presented and approved by the Human Resources Committee of Hydro-Québec's Board of Directors,” Hydro-Québec said in a press release on Thursday.

Before, decisions were only made by the President of the Board, Jacinthe Côté. Hydro-Quebec has always maintained that its CEO, Sophie Brochu, never intervened in the process.

“No cohort of Hydro-Quebec employees is planned in the coming months,” we also added, without however saying if the state company would continue to give them in a few months.

No broadcast

Concerning the “masterclass”, which raised nearly $50,000 for her husband's firm, the state-owned company wanted to be clear.

“The Masterclass with Sophie offered by the Effect A ends in November 2022. No further broadcasts are planned at this time,” it was reported.

-Further details to follow.

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