“I — Donetsk”: the network has mocked at the new tram militants DNR

«Я — донецкий»: в сети поиздевались над новым трамваем боевиков ДНР

In Donetsk are preparing for the re-launch of the new trams.

“The trick with the trams not particularly successful. The reason was simple and brilliant at the same time: the bottom of the cart, so to speak, “scientists” DNR took the Czech tram from the old. The top trailers production in Russia, with buggy equipment, cheap wiring and plastic casing,” writes the blogger of the Ukrainian Fascists in Donetsk, reports OBOZREVATEL.

The first launch of this project was failed, so the tram was sent back for revision and correction of deficiencies.

“This coffin on wheels on the buggy and nemorosa feared fanfare and drums cotton promoters of this piece of iron will become normal passengers mass grave,” said the blogger.

«Я — донецкий»: в сети поиздевались над новым трамваем боевиков ДНР

The first run of the tram was a failure, so the tram was sent back for revision.

As soon as we began to disassemble the piece of iron, worked badly Izhevsk electronics. Due to problems with the Izhevsk electronics began to smell the brake pads, the cabin smelled of burning.

According to the blogger, because of problems with Russian electronics, the tram is often lost brakes going down, especially if it is loaded with passengers.

“The sad thing is that the occupying power is still going to run trams in operation, and therefore, there will be casualties among ordinary people who have no idea that they will not ride in the tram, and in a coffin on wheels,” he adds.