‘I don’t know, it’s part of the trip or not’: in Disney World’s sank the boat, full of passengers

Boat trip through the jungle in Disney World’s in which passengers travel on the river, filled with robotic animals, went awry when the boat is full of passengers, plunged into the murky water, writes USA Today.

'Не знаешь, это часть поездки или нет': в Disney World's утонула лодка, полная пассажиров

Photo: Shutterstock

Fire Department Reedy Creek Florida react to this event, confirmed by representatives of Disney World.

Every passenger safely off the boat, and the Park staff worked hard to help wet the guests to enjoy the rest of the day.

Later in the day a passenger on Board the sinking ship posted photos on his Twitter account @synewaves.

“Our boat cruise on the jungle sank today. Fun times!”, — the user wrote, adding a photo of passengers ‘ feet under water.

He added a picture of the man in the boat with the water almost to her waist.

“Our skipper was awesome, used the radio to call for help. Thanks to him, our feet and clothes was not long in the water,” continued the user.

“Imagine that you’re a casual tourist on a boat “Jungle Cruise “, and it just sinks and you don’t know whether this part of the trip or not,” wrote Twitter user @DisneyDweller.





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