“I live in constant fear” — whether it is possible to cope with anxiety yourself?

People with the and or other the manifestation of anxiety disorders — the bulk of of psychotherapists. Types of anxiety a lot, it manifests in different ways. The most dangerous in it — when the panic attack develops into a chronic course and lead to more serious conditions, such as depression.

«Я живу в постоянном страхе» — можно ли справится с тревогой самостоятельно?

Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Stepan Matevosyan says about when it’s time to go to the doctor, and how to cope with panic attack by yourself.

“Extreme anxiety neurosis — panic attacks. They are usually tied to a specific situation. For example, lots of people have when traveling on the metro. People with panic attacks often try to understand themselves, tying their fear to a specific object. The mind of man realizes the absurdity of his fear, but can not do anything. Such obsessions can chase for a very long time. Here without medical assistance is necessary. The doctor will prescribe medication therapy and cognitive-behavioral, that people have learned to control myself in critical situations.”

How to remove a panic attack yourself?

“To remove a panic attack and on their own: to be able to breath (to make 30-50 deep breaths through the nose and prolonged exhalation with the mouth), pushing on the eyeballs, drinking hot tea with sugar, take a walk in the fresh air.”

Also, the therapist added that a permanent state of anxiety in which the person resides, often develops into depression. On the other hand, is that the alert itself is a manifestation of depression.

Conclusion: if your fear came to panic attacks, if anxiety has become a part of the personality, it is necessary to consult a specialist because by themselves, these States do not pass.