I lost in the casino $ 100 thousand for a night, ex-player of “Dynamo” (video)

Я проиграл в казино $ 100 тысяч за ночь, - экс-игрок "Динамо" (видео)

Oleksandr Aliyev

The former midfielder of Kiev “Dynamo” and national team of Ukraine Oleksandr Aliyev in an interview on “Kent” on YouTube talked about his biggest losers in the casino.

“At a time lost in the casino $ 100 thousand. We just won something, were Champions. Just earned good money for the title of the award I had. Something I was putting off. Went to the casino, and something went wrong, although I didn’t drink anything. Then he came out and I remember that night has lost “hundreds”. It was a holiday.

“I went at 7 PM and left at 12 o’clock. Of course, I was upset. Then didn’t sleep for four days”, – said Aliyev.