I love testicles: unexpected item rider MARUV

Я люблю яички: неожиданный пункт райдера MARUV

Outrageous singer MARUV, which is called one of the contenders for victory in show “Dances with stars z”, surprised by the unexpected requirements of the organizers of the project. The rider, among other conditions, the artist pointed out an unusual item — ten chocolate eggs with a toy inside. To the question of why MARUV chocolate eggs with surprise, shocking the star answered: “I Just love the eggs and everything.”

Я люблю яички: неожиданный пункт райдера MARUV

Recall MARUV stands on the floor with partner JAY, who was forced to dance on high heels. A pair of spectacular and flamboyant, but not always cause delight of the judges. They even confused when Anna Korsun (the real name of the singer) after the speech, gave them lace panties.

We will remind, after the third broadcast, the show left Serge and Adeline. In an interview with “FACTS” she told me that at rehearsals beat him with a stick.

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