‘I saw a tornado with my own eyes’: as a Russian immigrant who survived a hurricane in Florida

Russian-speaking resident of Florida in his blog “All about US” talked about how she lived through the storm and saw a tornado, and still the rain in the kitchen and the mattress in the corner of the living room.

'Я увидела торнадо собственными глазами': как русскоязычная иммигрантка пережила ураган во Флориде

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Hereinafter in the first person.

This storm was given the name Irma and was given the 5th highest category. So, there was only one day before the hurricane. The news said that he will come ashore in South Florida the next morning. We all went to work, and would like to escape, but wasn’t very good. All the news was talking about the hurricane.

In the afternoon we gathered head, and said that in any case no need to go anywhere, as all exits of the cities in traffic jams. He said he needed to go out and wait out the hurricane in any of the nearby schools, they organise shelters. Lot of people at work did, but I was told that there are a lot of homeless people and going to all sleep on the floor, and in the event of a flood, will have to sit there a couple of days.

I somehow wanted to still wait out the hurricane at home, especially because I rented an apartment on the 4th floor. I came home. I rang all the family and friends, as even in Moldova on the news about this hurricane tell. I tried to calm everyone down and went to sleep.

The next day I woke up to heavy rain, but the light was still. I looked on the app was a few hours before a hurricane strikes. The Governor of the state said that to evacuate too late. With each hour the wind became stronger and stronger, and always wrote that people did not approach to the Windows, if not beat them with boards.

The wind was such that I decided to drag the mattress off the bed from the bedroom to the corner of the room, away from Windows. Was not even thinking it was so important, but when the hurricane almost came, I had 2 messages from friends. The girlfriend knocked the wind two Windows on the 15th floor and have a friend on the second floor in the window, the tree fell. Then I became quite uncomfortable.

I was sitting on a mattress in the corner and was afraid even to pass by the window, well I had a combined living room / kitchen, and the kitchen had no Windows. While Internet connection was still fine. Then on the phone yelled nasty siren — a warning that an hour of using my terrain will be a tornado. Was quite uncomfortable. And this siren screaming every 10 minutes, with a countdown.

When it was written that left 5 minutes, I crawled to the corner of the window and decided that I still need to see this. I’m not sorry, because to see how twisted and broken trees is a spectacular sight.

Immediately the lights went out, because it broke all the wires, and naturally lost communications and the Internet. I knew that now the light is not a week. This happens after every hurricane. The tornado for a few moments. But the storm was only gaining power.

I lit candles and just sat there. Sometimes peeking through the window and was very sad to see that palm has left only trunks, and a huge tree and a few small had been uprooted. On the street especially but trees, nothing was flying as the Americans are very seriously preparing for hurricanes and clean everything that can fly from the streets and their yards.

The thought came that it was necessary at least some of the toys on the mobile pump, but it was too late. I just sat there until the evening, eating cookies. It was very scary, and I’m just trying to sleep. Somewhere at five in the morning I was awakened by the sound of water. I looked out the window and was glad that the storm has ended. But for me, all the suffering was just beginning.

The sound of water was from the kitchen, I shined a flashlight and saw that the kitchen because it is raining. I found out later that our house was badly damaged roof, and the building is very much flooded with rain.

I lived on the 4th floor, and on the fifth, sixth and the last people evacuated, and with them there is no connection.

So I survived the hurricane.




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