‘I thought it was the end of the world!’: as a space object frightened the people of California

A bright light piercing the skies of southern California on Wednesday evening, January 29, stirred a social network. People started to upload videos, and Amateur astronomers assumed it was a meteorite, Fox News reports.

'Я подумал, что это конец света!': как космический объект напугал жителей Калифорнии

Photo: screenshot YouTUbe video

Residents of Los Angeles in San Diego captured this event on camera.

“I saw the most crazy meteor that I have ever seen! He broke into pieces and burned in the atmosphere!”, wrote one woman on Twitter.

“All I really thought it was the end of the world … It was massive,” wrote another user.

Based on the submitted reports and videos American Meteor Society has excluded natural fireball, believing that the flames, probably caused by the ingress of debris into the atmosphere, writes the Daily Mail.

They noted that the potential collision between two satellites predicted LeoLabs Inc., service tracking of space debris and preventing collisions between objects in low earth orbit.

Space the U.S. command reported that two satellites moving at a speed of about 33,000 mph (53 to 108 km/hour), “crossed without incident” about 550 miles (885 km) over Pittsburgh.

“Although still unlikely, that these objects will collide, we have instructed our radar to plan a longer track of both objects after the event to find evidence of any of the new garbage (and hopefully don’t find anything!)”, said LeoLabs Inc.

Speaking to the American meteor society, Professor Vishnu Reddy from the University of Arizona, Lunar and Planetary Lab also confirmed that the event in Los Angeles was not associated with averted collision.

American Meteor Society told the Daily Mail that they have not yet confirmed that this object. They are in contact with the space command of the United States.

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