“I was scared”: the student Ivo Bobul made an unexpected confession

"Мне было страшно": ученик Иво Бобула сделал неожиданное признание

On Saturday, September 28, will be held the third stage of the auditions vocal show “X-factor” (STB). Your artistry to the jury will show successful Italian restaurateur, finalist of the famous vocal show and the son of the winner of “Ukraine got talent”.

The son of the soloist of group “Lapti Batalyon” Natalia Falion, who won the show “Ukraine got talent”, I decided to go on stage. “X-factor” it comes in the group “BUHARI est band”.

— I don’t want the PR at the expense of my mother, of course, but my mom, the winner of the fifth season of “Ukraine’s got talent”, with its “Laptime battalion” as a tank broke into show business and now revs are still there, — says Sergey. But it happened, thanks to my songs.

"Мне было страшно": ученик Иво Бобула сделал неожиданное признание

Come on “X-factor” and the student Ivo Bobul Ilya Fisher.

— Bobul a very demanding teacher basically screams, can explode out of the blue, — has told Ilya. — At first I was even scared. The main advice that I received from Ivo — to sing so that women have the “butterflies in the stomach”.

whose life changed dramatically after participating in the “X-Factor”.

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