Ian Somerhalder three refused to “Vampire wars”

Ian Somerhalder has gained international fame for his role as Damon Salvatore from the TV series “the vampire Diaries”. But after eight years of filming to show his mettle to the evil spirits have cooled considerably, it is not surprising that the actor struggled resisted, when he was called to take part in “Vampire wars”.

Йен Сомерхолдер трижды отказывался от «Вампирских войн»

However, thanks to the persistence of his wife Nikki reed Ian Somerhalder have added in your piggy Bank another very interesting project.

After so many years in the form of Damon — funny, sexy, crazy, selfish, and dangerous vampire I wanted to play someone more human

— he admitted in an interview with Schön!

Three times I refused to “Vampire wars”, I was sure that it is not necessary again to star in a show about vampires, but my wife has convinced me otherwise,

he added. After the actor examine in more detail a graphic novel that formed the basis of a fiction drama, he realized that the “Vampire war” is about the supernatural. In the 10 series of the show raises the issues of science, problems of our society, relationships between people.

The plot is tied into contemporary things that we have to deal with every day: beyond the limits, racism, medicine, food and safety,

— explained Somerhalder. According to Ian, this show is incredibly relevant, and he’s happy that it’s coming out right now.

Recall that the actor played Dr. Luther Swann, whose best friend Michael Fane is infected with a strange virus and turns into a bloodsucker. Soon the epidemic covers the world, the number of vampires grows, and the coming of war, headed by Fane. Meanwhile, Swann tries to find an antidote and to understand the reasons for the “plague of the 21st century.”

The series premiere of “Vampire war” will take place on 5 December.