IBU mailed the “Big crystal globe” the wrong team

IBU отправил по почте "Большой хрустальный глобус" не тому биатлонисту

Martin Fourcade

Termination of a season of the biathlon world Cup pandemic coronavirus, has not allowed the International biathlon Union (IBU) to fully carry out the official ceremony of awarding the winners.

As a result, sports officials decided to send the rewards via mail.

We will remind, at the end of last season the winner of the overall individual competition for men was the second year in a row, Johannes boe.

However, the “Big crystal globe” was sent to the Norwegian, and second-place Martin Fourcade, reports lequipe.fr.

And to Be-the youngest were not hurt, gave him “Small world Cup” for individual competition, which, in turn, was conquered by the French.

This was announced by the 31-year-old Martin.

“Big crystal globe”, which was supposed to send Johannes, sent me. And the globe for the individual race came to him.

I asked him to leave the trophy – he was not particularly against it,” said Fourcade in Instagram.

We add that the youngest of the brothers Fourcade’s career as a biathlete at the end of last season.

During the career Martin in singles competition became a 5-time Olympic champion (one gold Martin won in the relay) and 13-time world champion (two gold medals – in the relay).